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RPL v8.9.5 change log (10/21/2015 rev:6610)
# New Features:
– Added SEO Settings and Diagnosis
– Added Share on WhatsApp feature
– Added full-screen mode in property show gallery
– Added new features in Carousel module (Static Carousel, Type Option, etc.)
– Added new Google Captcha library
– Added Default Sort Order and new sort options in Sort Settings
– Added Category Show Mode in property type settings
– Added image optimization functionality
– Added new setting for resizing images
– Added new setting for property address pattern
– Added sender domain at the bottom of all notifications
– Added new property rendering method
– Added print ability for QR Code

# Optimizations:
– Optimized RPL Core: Enhanced speed, development structure, optimized rendering methods and resource management
– Optimized Google Map module: Updated API, enhanced core functionalities, fixed some minor issues
– Optimized jQuery plugin: Added new options and resolved conflict issues, fixed some minor issues
– Optimized CSS transitions

# Bug Fixing:
– Fixed a large number of general bugs and issues
– Fixed some security issues (thanks to Bikramaditya Guha for reporting)
– Fixed an issue in showing multilingual keywords at some parts
– Fixed an issue in finding properties under a polygon
– Fixed an issue in showing location text search suggestions
– Fixed an issue happened when min/max value of date option was empty
– Fixed an issue in uploading images and attachments at Property Wizard and Profile Wizard
– Fixed an issue in showing agent listings in multi-agent properties
– Fixed an issue related to sub category in search module
– Fixed an issue in enabling non-authorized user groups to show limited-access properties
– Fixed an issue in losing predefined configurations in property listing menu upon searching
– Fixed an issue in throwing errors on some rare cases (upon checking access fields, viewing listing details, etc.)
– Fixed an issue related to multiple location selection in property listing menu

RPL v8.9.2 change log (01/01/2015 rev:5943)
– Added select multiple state for propertylisting pages
– Added new feature for showing Google Map below of location text search field
– Fixed some issue in Property Wizard
– Fixed issue of simple uploader
– Fixed some issue on Carousel Module

RPL v8.9.1 change log (12/16/2014 rev:5847)
– Added new feature for unique search by MLS ID.
– Added new feature for selecting active tab on property wizard.
– Added RPL savesearch module to core.
– Added share via whatsapp feature to mod_rpl_links.
– Added feature for draw boundary to Google map.
– Added geolocating to property listing and Google map module.
– Added option to RPL configuration for select location suggest method.
– Fixed issue of select field on Flex addon.
– Fixed some issue on property listing.

RPL v8.9 change log (11/10/2014 rev:5624)
– Added custom query in property listing views.
– Added subcategory to category (property types).
– Added Tenure feature.
– Added new feature (enter only number value) for “Number” field type of flex addon.
– Added new feature (configure Email’s Sender Type, Add CC and ADD BCC) to notification system.
– Added new feature to Google map for syncing that with property listing.
– Added circle and rectangle drawing model to Google map.
– Added begin hour and end hour to open house.
– Added feature for selecting default value for property types of search module.
– Added new feature to mod_rpl_attachments for showing attachments of users (in the past it worked just for properties).
– Added new feature to mod_rpl_gallery for showing galleries of users (in the past it worked just for properties).
– Added new feature to attachments for selling files.
– Added priority index number to each property in property wizard.
– Added GEO locating to carousel module.
– Improved speed of RPL jQuery plug-in and reduced execution time from 0.45 to 0.02 second.
– Fixed issue of finalizing properties.
– Fixed issue of responsive design in RPL-backend.
– Fixed issue of enabling logs in RPL-backend.
– Fixed issue of search module without AJAX.
– Fixed issue of RPL SEF plugin with Facebook APP.
– Fixed issue of saving search URL in sessions.
– Fixed issue of fetching total save searches.

RPL v8.7.4 change log (09/15/2014 rev:5277)
– Added new feature for SEO section of RPL
– Added new Feature for exclude properties by country in propertylisting
– Added radio option for features fields on search module
– Fixed issue of number fields in search module
– Fixed issue of showing email in agent detail page
– Fixed issue of Flex Addon in adding fields
– Fixed issue of user expiration on RPL tables
– Fixed issues of RPL SEF plug-in
RPL v8.7 change log (08/05/2014 rev:5105)
– Added new feature for setting access for properties in property wizard
– Added new feature for setting layout in Flex Addon
– Added new feature for uploading images from remote server in property wizard
– Added new feature for specifying mandatory location levels in the RPL forms
– Added new features to RPL Gallery module
– Added new features to SEO section of RPL
– Added new features for increasing RPL speed
– Added new features to Flex Addon
– Fixed issues of RPL pages breadcrumb
– Fixed issues of Propertylisting view
– Fixed issues of RPL SEF plug-in
– Fixed issues of Min-Max fields
– Fixed security issues
– Fixed issues of RPL Property Edit module

RPL v8.6 change log (5/24/2014 rev:4811)
– Added new feature for Structure Title section of RPL
– Added new feature for defining Meta keyword structure
– Added new feature for defining Meta description structure
– Added new feature for defining Properties URL Structure
– Added dineromail gateway to Payment addon
– Added new feature for integrate RPL Views with Joomla language switcher module
– Added new layout to gallery module for showing remote image and resize that.
– Fixed direct Paypal payment issue
– Fixed some issue of Carousel module
– Fixed price format issue
– Fixed some security bugs
– Fixed some issue of changing property type order in RPL back end
– Fixed some issue of Diagnosis section of RPL back end
– Fixed some issue of RPL SEF plug-in
– Fixed some issue of RPL Search module
– Fixed some issue of search result page

RPL v8.5 change log (4/17/2014 rev:4622)
– Added a new feature for showing SEO alerts
– Added a new feature for changing structure of property title
– Added a new feature for integrating RPL views with Joomla bread crumb module
– Added a new feature to profile listing for creating page for special group
– Added a new feature for sowing bing map on property show
– Added a new feature for PDF layout
– Fixed some profile listing issues
– Fixed some Fancy Box issues
– Fixed some location listing issues
– Fixed some pro uploader issues
– Fixed some property listing issues
– Fixed some cache issues
– Fixed some SEF issues
– Fixed some notification issues
– Fixed some security issues
– Fixed google map issue with ajax searxh result

RPL v8.4.7 change log (1/13/2014 rev:4175)
– Fixed some SEF issue
– Fixed some search module issues
– Added new feature for selecting location text search location levels
– Added some new fields to user profiles
– Added new feature for showing property gallery in google infowindows
– Added sort parameters to RPL profile listing menu
– Added advanced search menu and related module

RPL v8.4.3 change log (12/08/2013 rev:4023)
– Fixed some SEF issues
– HTML download feature added to rpl links module
– Fixed sort by MLS id issue
– Integrate basic Google map and load new markers on search, pagination, sort and changing page size
– Fixed search module backend issue

RPL v8.4 change log (11/15/2013 rev:3930)
– Added multilingual textsearch feature
– Fixed sort and pagination issue in property and profile listing views in some special cases
– Fixed some issues on autocomplete, tagit, google map address and propertylisting scroll layout
– Added auto sync with languages for RPL locaions
– Added auto user remove plugin to the core
– Added auto initializing language file after modifying keywords
– Fixed find direction issue on Google map
– Speed enhancments for RPL core
– Fixed an issue about translating keywords in Joomla 3.1.5
– Updated jQuery library to 1.10.2
– Some SEO and SEF enhancements.

RPL v8.3 change log (8/6/2013 rev:3585)
– Added Compare feature with ability to compare bookmarks
– Added request a visist for all bookmarks & Compare cue
– Added Tag ability with user options for propertywizard
– Added polygon/circle/rectangle draw option to googlemap
– Added Facebook Like to link module
– Added Tweeter tweet to link module
– Added Formula field type
– Added Reset option to seach module
– Added Multilingual feature to the text search
– SEF Plugin: added broker-addon compatible sef for propertylisting
– SEF Plugin: Location and Category advanced link for propertylisting
– Fixed the language translation issue having ‘ or ” characters

RPL v8.2 change log (5/4/2013 rev:3224)
– Added Location Listing view
– Added Category listing view
– Added FLEX field type of Listing specific property types
– Added a feature to enable theowner to visit listings which are finalized but not confirmed yet
– Added Facebook sharer image meta tags for gallery modules
– Added AgentListing Sort customizability
– Added googlemap type select option in module options
– Added IO Core function to RPL Core
– Added “People who have visited this also visited Followings” under name of suggestion to carousel module
– Added agent’s watermark option
– Fixed several bugs in FLEX, contact options and location
– Fixed issue of locaiton names

RPL v8.0 change log (3/4/2013)
– Full support of language translations for text based fields (Related KB article)
– PropertyWizard CSS & HTML improvements and removed the issue with coloring for seperators (Related KB article)
– Front-end views CSS & HTML improvements, made Joomla3 ready (Related KB article)
– Made compatible with Joomla3 with implementation of new framework
– Added Target window feature on search module
– Added Total matches feature (on the fly) on search module
– Added Mootools Slider for units fields in search
– Added words count for textarea fields in PrpertyWizard
– Added Multiple Listing Type select for Listing menu
– Added min/max selectbox with any for price/number fields in search modules
– Fixed sort inaccuracy for mls case when not number
– Fixed a bug in notification custom templates

RPL v7.9.4 change log (3/7/2013)
– Enhanced new MLS ID generation for cases of non-integer values
– updated some selection rules in Search module JavaScript to work with new layouts
– Fixed a bug introduced in v.7.9.3 for location names
– Important: Fixed a bug in update procedure checks, causing RPL backend not loading properly

RPL v7.9.3 change log (2/26/2013)
– Added feature so search module can load settings from other search modules from other pages
– Added each add-on specific update capability to check & maintenance
– Several Bugs fixed on finalization of users data and location data
– Fixed the issue in profile & members location 2nd level show
– Fixed small bug in notifications per access

RPL v7.9.2 change log (2/2/2013)
– Added multi select feature for select fields in search
– Added multi select feature for listing type and property type fields in search
– Fixed a bug in save search links

RPL v7.9.1 change log (1/12/2013)
– Added multi select feature in Location system
– Fixed a bug in locationtext search field display in Search module
– Fixed a bug in SEF pagination
– Fixed a bug in backend FLEX preventing separator edit
– Fixed a bug in price render with decimal separator
– Fixed a bug in backend notifications multilingual

RPL v7.9 change log (1/1/2013)
– Added the internal caching for listings for speed boosting
– Added the User group access for FLEX fields
– Enhanced speed of random order in Carousel module on big number of listings
– Added 301 redirection to SEF for alternative/old listing’s links
– Shortened the paginations links, and more search engine friendly
– Removed unnecessary parameters from search module link to have shorter links
– Corrected the language specific translations of locations to be able now to add several languages of the same kind, for instance en-GB as well as en-US
– Added the ability to sync couple of search modules together in one page
– Fixed some bug in the new location system
– Added auto-fill location levels by entering zipcode only in propertywizard
– Decimal separator for currencies
– More sorting options are added for PropertyListing
– Enhanced the related properties for the carousel module
– New Googlemap based Carousel layout is added
– Added new fix for the Joomla user signup when mootoolsmore is disabled to jQuery plugin
– Added change log show for add-ons in maintenance tab [Each add-on should get update separately]

RPL v7.8 change log (11/8/2012)
– Added Country-base location system
– Added the ability to set week start day
– Added the ability to have SEF for agent listing page like http://yourdomain/members/name
– Enhanced Location text system to have multilingual support
– Added the ability to show CALL instead of zero price (Related KB article)
– The agent properties page changed to load agent’s details as a module instead of Iframe
– Added the ability to set/unset fields to be used in text search
– Fixed a bug in ajax pagination
– Including the googlemap listing layout (previously presented as an add-on)
– Added the googlemap info window view for ability to customize template
– Added report abuse notification
– Added SEF link for property show preview link
– Enhanced encodings on language manager for some server encoding restrictions
– Fixed a bug in agent’s logo & profile picture uploader on multilingual websites

RPL v7.6.1 change log (8/6/2012)
– Added the ability to add manual titles for properties in property wizard
– Added the ability to show properties without images in carousel module
– Enhanced SEF to support multilingual locations in URLs
– Enhanced property icons manager to support changing multiple icon
– Fixed a bug in Agent’s info module for translation in multilingual websites
– Fixed a bug for Yes/No fields in search module after 7.6 update
– Fixed a bug for sliders in search module after 7.6 update
– Fixed a bug for property listing menu after 7.6 update
– Fixed a bug in notification multilingual

RPL v7.6 change log (6/26/2012)
– Added google places module
– Added w3c validation
– Added QR Code module
– Added simple uploader to property wizard
– Added video add-on
– Added mobile template support
– Added Pinterest support
– Added Multilingual direct support for location data (Related KB article)
– Added a new layout for Propertyshow
– Added location text input functionality with autosuggest in propertywizard
– Added multiple open house date functionality and its module with sorting capability
– Added watermark functionality for property images
– Enhanced backend statistics chart
– Enhanced search module unit fields to have different default values
– Updated uploadify library
– Fixed a bug in non-ajax pagination
– Fixed a bug in captcha image generator
– Fixed a bug in energy tag image creation
– Fixed a bug in property manager for editing a property
– Fixed a bug in pdf output for rooms
– Fixed a bug in room types manager in backend
– Fixed a bug for deleting cached profile pics when uploading a new image

RPL v7.4 change log (3/13/2012)
– Added location text search
– Added three more layouts for gallery of propertyshow
– Added custom pagination limits capability
– Added Radio Button option in search module
– Added the Room icon uploader
– Added the manual update button to backend
– Added Captcha for front-end send to friend, request a visit and send save search to a friend forms
– Added the ability to remove a location level from an specific country, without losing other location levels hierarchy
– Rewritten PropertyListing & ProfileListing ajax paginations to become search engine catchable, specially added rel attribute for next/prev/start pages
– Enhanced propertylisting templates
– Enhanced CSS including method for front-end views (Related KB article)
– Added the ability to define tpl and css for front-end views from url (Related KB article)
– Added the ability to define Allowed file extensions for Attachment uploader from FLEX add-on
– Notification system improvements including default setting for each notification
– Some improvements in the PropertyListing page parameters setting option to be compatible with all Joomla versions

RPL v7.2.7 change log (1/28/2012)
– Added the Day-Month-Year to date formats
– Added the capability for setting after/before for currencies sign for prices
– Fixed a bug in Specific listing/category option
– Enhanced search module for better performance in IE8

RPL v7.2.6 change log (1/25/2012)
– Added the capability for setting sorting options in propertylisting menu
– Added land as another property type base
– Fixed a bug in attachment uploader
– Fixed a bug in Form validator JS causing problems with CRM contact submission and enhancing SDK for customizability

RPL v7.2.4 change log (1/14/2012)
– Added the listing caption
– Added Property tags caption
– Added Caption and Google Marker uploader
– Added Joomfish Support for Membership & CRM add-ons
– Ability to show lot area if built area not present in listing added
– Fixed Propertywizard price saving bug in IE, Chrome

RPL v7.2 change log (12/12/2011)
– On propertyshow edit/next/prev module added
– One Click rpl7 menu creation added to maintenance
– Migration add-on for migrating from RPL6
– Any/checkbox for select items added to search
– Advanced text search mechanism added
– Thousand separator added in search module and propertywizard
– Added SelectBox, SelectBox+ to unit types and number fields in search module
– Css improvments and calls all from .css files
– Migration from RPL6 made possible

RPL v7.1.5 change log (10/21/2011)
– Feature to copy properties added
– A bug fix on pagination with large number of properties

RPL v7.1.3 change log (10/16/2011)
– Mysql server compatibility bug fixed
– jQuery ajax calls enhanced to work on hstings with redirections

RPL v7.1b change log (10/8/2011)
– System date format option added
– Crop-resize and center crop resize functionality is added
– Powerful log manager and event handling system added
– Check & Maintenance suit is added
– New notifications are added

RPL v7 change log (8/31/2011)
Complete redesign of the system and many improvements from RPL v6