Owning a Real Estate Website; is it a Luxury Commodity or a Necessity?

Realtors ask themselves from time-to-time if owning a property listing website is a necessity. Some realtors, especially those who are part of a famous

brokerage company and use the brokerage website platform for listing properties, may think of it as a luxury commodity. However, the fact is that for each and every realtor, having a personal real estate website is an absolute necessity.

Websites Grow Over Time:

Well-structured websites are like living creatures. They need food, in the form of fresh content, traffic and a bit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And, they grow over time by gaining search engine ranks, attracting more traffic, and generating more leads.

Note: Please see our article that explains a well-structured real estate website.

Build Up Your Career on the Internet

Successful people plan their career ahead of time. They know exactly what they need to achieve in order to build up a recognizable career. They go for achievements like a college degree, certifications, memberships with important groups and communities, professional networking, etc.

In the Real Estate business, having a personal and well-structured property listing website is of equal value. Your Real Estate website should be treated as your representative on the Internet and it will grow with you over time. The sooner you launch your own website, the sooner you can see the benefits.

Independency Matters

If you are part of a brokerage company, especially one with a great website, you may have never felt the desire of having your own website. You are used to simply uploading your properties over there, the company markets the website, and your properties will be seen by potential clients. Although this is a very good strategy for increasing the visibility of your properties, it should not be the only one.

One day you may decide to move to another area, change your brokerage, or work independently. In that case, you will lose years of your marketing
endeavors such as distributing business cards, networking, advertisements, trade show, etc. in favor of that brokerage company. On the other hand,
performing the due diligence of maintaining your own Real Estate website along with your brokerage website will support both your independency and
business growth over time.