Organic RETS Integration is a service that allows you to pull listings from your MLS provider straight to your own website. This is done through a technology called RETS which stands for the Real Estate Transaction Standard. RETS was created as a way to improve the IDX FTP method and provide a uniform data format for the fragmented real estate industry in the United States.
RETS makes it possible to connect websites to MLS directly and call for data to be updated as often as every 15 minutes (average of once per hour) making it the most accurate, up to date integration method out there.

Organic RETS allows you to integrate these listings to your own server, making for an even faster, SEO friendly experience. And since you own the data on your servers, you have the power to control it.

Organic RETS

The Benefits of Organic RETS Integration

Home buyers want to be able to search for all properties in one place. Plain and simple. Organic RETS Integration allows you to:

  • Display any and all of your MLS on your website.
  • Own the data. You can host it on your own web-hosting servers or choose Realtyna’s dedicated hosting.
  • Receive all the SEO value from owning data on your own servers.
  • Pay a one time fee for the integration from Realtyna.*

RETS Integration

Other Features of Organic RETS Integration

  • Map specific properties to be imported by kind, type, location, price or other fields
  • Integrated with Neighborhood and Complex add-on so that listings are automatically categorized appropriately
  • Remove white space from MLS images automatically
  • Include Price Estimator Widget
  • include Disclaimer Widget
  • Manually set geo coordinates when they are not already available
  • Integrated with ListTrack

How It Affects SEO

One of the biggest reasons to consider Organic RETS Integration is because of the distinct SEO power it will have for your website. With Organic RETS, you get:

  • Thousands of indexable property pages registered to your domain
  • Unique, customizable URL’s for each property page
  • Choice in your hosting provider, usually meaning faster, dedicated and managed hosting
  • Accurate data, updated multiple times a day
  • Lifetime License- you can take your data, domain and SEO points should you ever change solutions or hosting providers
  • 100% of the SEO credit

*Note: While the fee for Organic VOW Integration is one-time, there may be fees associated to the feed access from your MLS. Please check with your MLS or vendor for these details
RETS Integration
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