Organic RETS Integration Vs WordPress IDX

Want to display property listings on your site? Here are your options with Realtyna.

  • Organic RETS Integration is our signature product for connecting a RETS feed to your WordPress site. It offers maximum SEO, data control, and the opportunity for you to be your own vendor.
  • WordPress IDX(Organic) maintains the SEO benefits of RETS under a monthly fee structure.

Luke compare
Organic RETS Integration WordPress IDX(Organic)
Supported MLSs 100+ 4
License Owned-License Leased License
Payment One-time Monthly
Software Realtyna WPL Plug-in + MLS Addon Realtyna WPL Plug-in
Contract Refund Policy Cancel Anytime / Trial
MLS Feed Organic RETS Integration Organic IDX Integration
Multi-MLS Feed Support
Add Your Own Properties
Vendor Contract Client or Realtyna Realtyna
Setup 4-6 Weeks
Installation Complimentary $99 - Optional Setup Fee
Extra Add-ons Yes (Owned license) Yes (Owned and Leased License)
Data Handshaking Yes (Owned license) Client Realtyna API Server
Data Web-Hosting Client's Server Realtyna and Client's Server
Data Accuracy High High
Thirdparty Wordpress Theme
Customizable CSS / HTML
Visual Composer / Divi Builder Support
Color/Layout Options
Open Source
Custom Data Mapping
Search Engine Ranking
Indexable Listings
Property Map
Search Bar Options
Extra Fields
Supports Lead Capture/Add-ons
Property Video Upload
Agent ID Filter
Agent Profile Management
Multi-Lingual Support
Property Sort
Realtyna Support Yes - Support Coverage Yes - Support Coverage
Manual Insert Of Property
Realtyna RESO
Certified Vendor of  RESO
RESO Realtyna