Organic Listhub Integration Pack

  • Integration With Multiple MLSs Across the Nation
  • Seamless Property Search Experience for Website Visitors
  • Equipped with the SEO Tools
  • Increased Lead Generation
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What Is Organic Listhub Integration Pack?

Organic Listhub Integration is Realtyna’s solution that integrates Listhub listings to your real estate website. Organic Listhub Integration Pack offers a collection of products and services that allow you to make the best use of Listhub listings. It is put together by our team of product experts to facilitate lead generation and ranking on search engines.

It contains:

  • WPL Pro, our core plugin
  • Advanced Portal Search with Save Search Feature
  • Organic Listhub Integration Solution
  • Membership Add-on
  • Optimizer Add-on
  • Mortgage Add-on
  • Zap Search Add-on
  • Server Configuration Service (Basic Plan)

Why Organic Listhub Integration?

With Organic Listhub Integration, you will have access to listings from multiple MLSs across the country.

How Does It Work?

Listhub offers listings through a data feed, and Realtyna’s Organic Listhub Integration allows you to integrate these listings into your real estate website. Using this service, listings are stored organically, which has the advantage of greater SEO juice in comparison to other feed providers. experts to facilitate lead generation and ranking on search engines.

Organic Listhub Integration Pack