Realtyna Online Lead Generation


Bring leads to your site. Convert them into sales. Repeat.


Realtyna software tools allow you to build organic content, engage with visitors, and transform your website into a lead generating machine.

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    What Is Lead Generation?


    Lead generation is the process of finding new customers to grow a business. It includes strategies to attract potential clients, provide them with tools and relevant information, and close sales.


    Organic Listings


    • Custom IDX Feed
    • Unique URLs
    • Search Engine Indexing
    • High Rank

    Interactive Property Search


    • Saved Search
    • Draw on Map
    • Demographic Layers
    • Custom Search Bar

    Lead Engagement


    • CRM
    • Live Chat
    • Email Notification
    • SMS Notification

    Mobile Ready


    • Responsive Design
    • iPhone App
    • Android App

    SEO Packages


    • Facebook Dynamic Ads
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Keyword Research

    Why Do Agents Need to Be Proactive In This Area?


    Real estate is a dynamic industry in constant evolution. Top agents are constantly innovating to learn more about their potential clients and how they can best serve them.

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