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Multi-Website Solution for Real Estate Franchises

System Overview

The success of the Real Estate business relies greatly on having a proper website. However, creating and maintaining a quality real estate website requires a lot of time and effort from real estate agents.

Although some real estate franchisors offer website development services to their clients, it is usually so expensive that it forces the realtors to opt for third party vendors, where the success rate is not very high. So, one of the important areas in which the franchisors should help their clients is providing value-added yet cost-effective website solutions.
With the correct website structure, a franchiser can easily provide professional real estate website solutions to their clients with a minimum setup and maintenance fee.

Realtyna® has developed and deployed a new technology that allows sharing the power of a single RPL-based website between multiple websites. These websites look completely independent, yet in the background they share the same RPL database.

Main database

Whether you are in the real estate franchise business, your own a brokerage, you can offer an advanced and cost-effective website solution to your partners

Advantages of such a system for the Real Estate Franchisors:
The main element in each CRM is the ‘Contact’ Contacts can be entered into the system by different forms.

  • Attracting more agents and brokers by offering a state-of-the-art real estate website solution at a fraction of the cost.
  • Breaking down the setup and maintenance cost by hosting all the websites on a single server and a single property database.
  • Listing all of the clients properties on a single website (the Franchiser’s main website).
  • Sharing a single instance of the MLS data between multiple websites, saving a lot of hosting resources.
  • Central property database multiple instances central maintenance.
  • Child websites with their preferred template logo, listing and contact details.
  • Filters and priorities.

Advantages of such a system for the real estate franchisors:

  • Joomla 3.x
  • RPL latest version.
  • cPanel hosting management system
  • Only Dedicated Servers – Non-shared hosting solutions like VPS

$3500 Multi-Website for RE Franchises