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Multi-Level Plugin for Membership Add-on

The Multi-Level Plugin works after the membership add-on, meaning the membership add-on should be installed first. With this plugin you can create ‘broker accounts’ in the system. Each ‘broker’ account can add and manage a number of ‘agents’ in the system as sub-users and manage them. Brokers can also manage their own agents’ properties. Agents are only able to add/manage their own properties.

The concept of the ‘broker account’ introduced by this plugin is to create access levels in RPL below the Super Administrator, but yet they have more access than simple agents. The difference between the agents and brokers are simply that brokers can add users to the system with their own ownership, but agents cannot. And the difference between Super Administrator and Brokers is that Super Administrators are not limited at all, but Brokers can be limited through their memberships, and they can only have access to their properties and their agents’ properties.

$250 Multi-Level Users Plugin