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Multi Language Support

When creating a multi-language website based on RPL and Joomla, the language management should be done in 2 different levels:

    • Joomla Language Management

In this level, Joomla manages multiple languages. Important parts of the website such as menus, titles, pages should be translated manually. Clicking on a language flag will load the translations in that specific language. The whole job will be managed by Joomla capability.

To create a multilingual website by JOOMLA capability please check the manual below:

Joomla 2.5 introduced native multilingual support for articles and Joomla 3 continued this support. In order to build a multilingual website using Joomla native support, you won’t need third party extensions such as Joomfish or Falang anymore.

    • RPL Language Management

Although RPL supports multiple languages, being a Joomla-based application, it is dependent on Joomla as well.

In a Joomla website, where multiple languages are already installed and activated, the RPL interface can be easily translated to any other language through the RPL Language Manager tool in the backend of RPL.

RPL has used keywords for translation since the early versions. RPL8 is equipped with a native multilingual support tool so you will not need third party extensions to translate your text fields.

In order to translate discriptions and text, you should go to your RPL Backend->Flex Addon and choose the field you would like to enable multilingual support for. This works on Text and Text Area fields. Once multilingual support is enabled for a field, the users will see a select box which lists the languages of the site. The text entered for each language will be saved and will only show on the respected language when viewed.

RPL Language Manager explained completely in RPL manual:


If you are interested in having a multiple language website on Joomla 3.x, please contact us .

Table of Language Culture Names, Country Names and Flags

The following table contains values for Language Culture Names, Country Names and Country Flags that are used by Commerce Server :

*Disclaimer: These files are translated by International users of Realtyna®. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of translations. We appreciate any suggestions or feedback for a better translation to update these files.

Flag Language Culture Names Country Names
en-US English - United State
en-GB English - United Kingdom
de-DE German - germany
el-GR Greek - Greece
es-ES Spanish - Spain
es-ES Spanish - Mexican Translation
fr-FR French - France
he-IL Hebrew - Israel
Flag Language Culture Names Country Names
it-IT Italian - Italy
nl-NL Dutch - The Netherlands
nn-NO Norwegian (Nynorsk)-Norway
pt-BR Portuguese - Brazil
pt-PT Portuguese - Portugal
ru-RU Russian - Russia
tr-TR Turkish - Turkey
zh-CN Chinese - China
ar-DZ Arabic - Saudi Arabia