MLS/RETS Server – Realtyna Framework

MLS Server Solution for Real Estate Boards and Portals

Multiple-Listing Service (MLS) is a data exchange service provided by regional real estate boards to their members to be able to share up-to-date regional property listing information. Providing such a service requires a robust IT infrastructure that allows realtors and MLS software to interact (read/write) simultaneously with the MLS database.

Technically speaking, there are several methods for creating such an infrastructure. However, there is one standard approved and managed by the US National Association of Realtors (NAR) named RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard). RETS is a standard data structure and communication method between the MLS server and MLS client applications, based on XML technology.

As the leading provider for real estate online solutions. After years of successful website integrations to several MLS Providers, Realtyna® has recently tested and launched an advanced MLS Server Solution. It not only allows RETS connections, but it is flexible enough to deal with multiple technologies and standards simultaneously such as XML, CSV and XLS data exchange methods.

MLS Server Solution for Real Estate Boards and Portals

  • Unlimited number of properties (Up to 5 million properties)
  • Adding new listings directly on the portal
  • Fetching property data from 3rd party MLS servers or real estate portals through MLS/XML integration (incoming feed)
  • Fetching properties from different data sources such as CSV files, Excel files (XLS) provided by other realtors/real estate agents (incoming feed)
  • Feeding/syndicating listing data to 3rd party websites such as Trulia, Zillow, etc. (outgoing feed)
  • Proficient in handling unlimited number of incoming/outgoing data feeds. Note: The data feed mappings for
    individual data sources (such as Trulia, Zillow, etc) should be done individually and through data feed integration projects.
  • Defining different time intervals for updating each of the different feeds

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