MLS Sync Terms and Conditions


This Agreement specifies the terms,  conditions,  and definitions of  Realtyna’s  MLS Sync Service.

This document will also outline all of Realtyna’s procedures, requirements, and features of and for this service. If you have any further questions or need more clarification after reviewing this Agreement, please contact us at [email protected].

MLS Sync

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a data exchange service amongst the members of a regional Real Estate Board. Organic MLS Sync allows members to import and display the MLS properties/listings  on  their  website.

MLS Vendorship by Realtyna

After Purchasing MLS Sync, clients should add an ‘MLS Vendorship By Realtyna” sign on their site with the respective link.

Definition of Realtyna’s MLS Sync Service

Syncing  a  data  feed  into  a  real  estate  website:  The  listings  on  the  source  website  will  be imported into the destination website using Realtyna’s plug-in and third party theme. Once completed, we will set up a time interval to have all  the  new  listings and any  updated  listings  imported  on a  scheduled  regular  basis. MLS sync has certain functions in terms of customization of data display.

A standard  MLS sync brings a feed to a single website. If you have any different requirements, please feel  free to contact us.

Terms and Conditions of Fees And Payments

By signing the data feed agreement, you have agreed to comply with these terms and conditions of using our Services, specifically MLS Sync connection.After the set up  and monthly fee payment, if the client is not approved by MLS we offer a full refund.Please note that if MLS Sync access recurring fees are not covered within the given time frame (7 business days), Realtyna has the right to disconnect the feed and cancel the agreement after 1 notice via an email to your billing address on file. After the feed has been disconnected, reconnection will require a $450 reconnection fee.

The Procedure Realtyna’s MLS Sync
Only ACTIVE listings will be imported. If you need to import other types of listings such as  expired, sold, open house etc., you will need the MLS Sync service, which you need to discuss separately with the Realtyna team.All the imported listings will be automatically assigned to the chosen Agent.
If the listings come from the MLS database, it is possible to automatically mark the  listings belonging to the respective user/owner (above) as ‘Featured Listings’ as long as the  feed provides the respective fields.  Adding more agent/office IDs might be subject to extra cost and time.

1.HOSTING ACCESS: In case of a support request, we may need HOSTING ACCESS from the client’s hosting provider  (i.e. FTP/Cpanel credentIals and SSH access of root user.  We will inform you if we need  SSH access).

2.INSTALLATION: The installation is an automated process offered by our plug-in.

3.FEED ACCESS: The client confirms he is eligible for the requested MLS access.

4.CATEGORIES: Listing data is classified into different categories. Each MLS Provider Datasource has their own categories (such as Residential, Rentals, Lots and Land, Commercial etc). We need to know which categories need to be imported into the client’s website.

5.Standard Mapping: Realtyna will map the most commonly used fields by the MLS. Clients can’t decide about the fields or change the system.

6.SYNCHRONIZATION: Data synchronization means importing all the active listings from the source website (e.g.  MLS provider’s server). This begins after the mapping phase.

Time frame: Depending on the speed of the source, destination servers, and the number of  listings, this process can take 2-14 business days.

7.VERIFICATION – Verification of all the categories.

8.SEARCHABLE FIELDS – Searchable fields are included in the import query and listings, depending on what fields the MLS Provider offers. Realtyna does not control what fields the Board offers. Searchable fields from the board may be: State, County, Zip Code, List Date, MLS ID, Modified, Agent Name, Office Name, Price, Property Type, and Status.

Important fields are described below:

Mlsid => This is a unique Listing ID and has nothing to do with the company providing the listing.

Agent Name=> This is the Agent Namefor the listing agent.

Office Name => This is the Office Name, the Brokerage that owns the listing.

PhotoUrls => Pipe delimited list of listing photo URLs.

9.QUALITY CHECK – The final QC for verifying that the functionality of the search, sorting and  etc. is accurate.

10.SYNCHRONIZATION VERIFICATION – Verify that the synchronization is running efficiently.

11.CLIENT APPROVAL – The client will have the opportunity to check the website and  acknowledge proper delivery of the Realtyna MLS Sync. Client has the right to cancel the service within 30 days of activation by requesting a refund.

12.AUTOMATIC UPDATES TO YOUR DATA – Once the data has been integrated into your  server, we will set the system to update the properties at a selected interval.  Once this is  completed, we will ask for confirmation that the project is finished.

13.MLS Compliance Requirements:  Specifically for MLS Sync, the next step is  meeting the “Standard” MLS compliance rules.  These rules include adding disclaimers and  MLS logos on the website.

Requirements for Realtyna’s MLS Sync (referencing the picture of main requirement)

1.Due to server performance considerations, a maximum of 200 data fields per listing will be  mapped.

2.Time frame estimations are based on the assumptions that:

a.The server/hosting requirements are met:

  • WordPress REST-API should be enabled
  • WordPress version should be greater than or equal to 4.6
  • PHP version should be greater than or equal to 7.1
  • MYSQL version should be greater than or equal to 5.6
  • MAX_EXECUTION_TIME should be greater than or equal to 600
  • MEMORY_LIMIT Value should be greater than or equal to 128M
  • POST_MAX_SIZE should be greater than or equal to 48M
  • UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE should be greater than or equal to 48M

c.There are no third party related issues, such as third party templates or plugins.

3.If you choose to store images locally , approximately 5 MB of disc space (on average) is needed per listing.  It is your responsibility to  ensure that your hosting provider has the necessary space required.  Please check out the hosting service requirements above.

4.If  you  are  planning  to  import  more  than  1,000  listings  into  your  website,  we  highly  recommend  that  you  utilize  a  VPS  (Virtual  Private  Server)  instead  of  shared  hosting.  Otherwise, your website’s performance/speed will not be optimized.

5.Storing images on a local host is optional, clients also can use images as external, if you select storing images locally,  on  the  website’s  hosting/server.  Therefore,  the  file  count  settings  of  your  host  should  be  20  times  more  than  the  number  of  listings  that  you’re  planning  to  publish  on  your  website.  If  you  are  interested  in  CDN  support  (Content  Delivery  Server  –  saving  images  on  a  different  server)  please  contact  us  at  [email protected]. )

Realtyna’s MLS SYNC Does Not Include: 

  1. Creating menus and pages for different categories of properties.
  2. Fixing third  party  template/plugin  issues.

Note: If you are working with a web designer, we strongly suggest that your web designer waits  until  the integration is completed before working on your site. Simultaneous work can create  several issues and clear our recent work.

  1. Meeting  the  MLS  compliance  rules  and  regulations  outside  what  we  have  described  above. The compliance rules can differ with each MLS provider.
  2. Once  the MLS Sync is connected successfully and  the  feed is imported, if  the MLS  Provider makes any modifications  to  their  data  structure,  or  rules &  regulations, the client is responsible for changing data and following the regulations .
  3. It is the client’s responsibility to have  credentials and access info from the MLS board.