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MLS Feed Integration

To use the MLS Feed Integration based on IDX FTP or RETS on any given website there are three elements that need to be integrated correctly.

1. The MLS Provider should support IDX FTP or RETS standard for providing MLS data to the members’ websites. And in order to access the MLS data, a subscription access account should be obtained through the membership with the MLS provider.

2. The Property Listing software, using RPL for listing or publishing the properties on the member’s website. Realtyna® Property Listing (RPL) is fully compatible with any standard MLS provider.

3. IDX FTP or RETS Interface, the RPL MLS Feed add-on that communicates with the MLS provider for transferring the data to RPL’s database.

Please note that although all MLS providers communicate through standard data exchange methods, the data category structure and data field names of each MLS provider differs from other MLS provider because there was no standard at the time of creation.

For integrating each new MLS provider, the data sets should be matched one by one with the RPL MLS Feed add-on. Sometimes there are more than 700 fields that need to be matched.

Realtyna® specializes in integrating RETS / IDX MLS systems with your website. Because of the special MLS Feed Export add-on for RPL, the integration time and one-time cost is affordable compared to most other monthly solutions.

For more information on integration time and price please contact us.