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On October 27, 1950, the Lancaster Real Estate Board was formed with 17 members. David Macioci,  Larkin Durdin, Bruce Harner, and E.M. Kane were the Trustees at the time. With Trustees H. William Fisher, Leonard Gorsuch, and James Wagonseller, the name was changed to Lancaster Board of Realtors on June 25, 1960. 


The Lancaster Board of Realtors now has almost 300 members, including Affiliate Members and Realtors from Fairfield, Perry, Hocking, Pickaway,  Muskingum, Franklin, and Licking Counties.


The Lancaster Board of Realtors aims to protect and promote Realtors’ interests in maintaining private property rights while also controlling and shaping the industry.



  • Lancaster Board of Realtors



Lancaster MLS services are available to both real estate agents and brokers in the following counties and cities:



  • Fairfield
  • Hocking
  • Franklin
  • Perry


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The Lancaster Board of Realtors


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