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Joomla MLS Integration

Joomla MLS Integration can be done by:

1. Installing the Realtyna® Property Listing (RPL) component on a Joomla website.

2. Purchasing the MLS Integration add-on (RETS or IDX).

3. You need to have authorized RETS or IDX access to your MLS provider.

RPL, a property listing software, is based on Joomla CMS. There is a synchronization add-on for RPL called MLS Integration that integrates any MLS provider based on RETS/IDX standards with RPL. This add-on is more of a integration project that pulls the data from your MLS providers database to Joomla(and RPL) database on a regular basis and publishes the properties on your website.

Joomla MLS Integration Process:

Each MLS Provider has thousands of fields. At the time of integrating MLS to an RPL based Joomla website:

1. We identify the important fields that’s counterpart fields exists in RPL database. These are about 30% of the fields which will be mapped one-by-one with their counterparts in RPL database. This is a time consuming process and requires well understanding of the database structure of both RPL and the MLS provider. When these fields are mapped, they will be displayed exactly like the native RPL properties in the ‘Property Listing’ and ‘Property Show’ and will appear in the default Search module of RPL.
2. The rest of the detailed fields that have data value in them will be placed in a new table in the RPL database. These fields and their values will be displayed in a new page accessible through ‘More Info’ in the Property Show page.
3. The fields with no data, or vague fields will not be transferred at all. However, if you request to transfer these fields as well, we can do that with no extra charge.
4. The transfer of the agent’s data should be done by request and there is extra cost associated with it.
5. The search function of the website is based on the main fields (based on RPL default search module).
6. The Property Wizard and all other pages and tools of RPL remain unchanged in the MLS integration project.
By using RPL you and your agents can directly add properties to your RPL-based Joomla website as well.