Flexible Design & Templates

Most of us like to be unique and have our own style. The ability to change the look and feel of your website and having your own design is important. To fulfill this key requirement, Realtyna® Property Listing (RPL) provides a rare feature for designing and selecting customized views for RPL internal views like property show, property listing, property wizard, etc.

Check out our new responsive web templates here.

You can edit and customize RPL views (pages), rename them and save them in the respective path. Then the new customized views will show up in the ‘RPL Template Manager’ in the backend of RPL, where you can select them easily as the default view. For example, a real estate website that targets the senior population, may require larger fonts and easy to use accessibility settings on the RPL listing and property show.

In most components, by customizing a view, it customizes the entire component and in the future, you are not able to use updates. You also must then be sure to update with caution to not override the design changes. But in RPL you can easily apply your changes to each view and save them preferably with a new name, then easily select them from the Template Manager.

You can even have multiple designs and change the style of your website based on a specific event and then roll-back to the main design.