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  • Capture real estate leads
  • Monitor their online activity and collect
    the necessary data from them
  • Build stronger relationship with your customers
  • Use lead segmentation tools to
    increase your conversion rate
  • Better understand the pipeline of sales
  • Agent Suggested Search

Introducing WPL CRM

A web-based Real Estate CRM

Every competitive real estate website needs to have a good CRM software. With WPL CRM you will be able to manage your leads all in one place. This powerful, yet simplified system for lead management automates lead-generation, follow-ups, etc. This enables you to manage your customers’ needs/wants and track what your leads are interested in. Thus, you will be able to come up with even more appealing suggestions for your potential homebuyers. Its easy-to-use and easy-to-setup nature enables you to start using it right after the installation.

What WPL Real Estate CRM can do for you:

  • Captures leads through various online forms
  • Gathers the necessary information about them
  • Monitors their online activity (shows login history, list of visited properties and list of saved searches through APS add-on).
  • Gives you the authority to distribute roles in the system

Additional Features

  • Advanced form creator for managing contacts and requests
  • Administrators can adjust privacy, control and access levels
  • Outstanding user experience with the integrated user interface
  • Event Management and Reminder System
  • Advanced search filters for finding contacts, requests and much more
  • Ability to sell real estate CRM features through Membership Add-on
  • Support for unlimited agents and contacts
  • Admins control what fields are shown on the saved search feature for agents to set for the client.

  • 1 Record the requirement of leads and follow them easier
  • 2 Record the events by a fully functional calendar
  • 3 Record to-do tasks and remind them by an email
  • 1 Automatically assign the leads to Realtors/Agents
  • 2 Provide the CRM tools to agents for keeping up with the leads
  • 3 Monitor the activities and interests of the leads
  • 1 Create Personalized Forms
  • 2 Gather the personal data of website visitors
  • 3 Generate Leads
  • 5

    The CRM helps agents find suitable properties for leads. A lead sends a request through the CRM form and the agent matches their request with available listings on the website.
  • 4

    Leads will be distributed between agents through different methods. Agents can monitor their lead activity on the website
  • 3

    Contact Agent – Request a Visit: Potential clients can provide you with their requirements and contact information by filling out a form.
  • 2

    Clients can search for properties on your website
  • 1


You can sync your Realtyna CRM contacts with ZOHO CRM

Note: ZOHO CRM subscription fee and other charges may apply. Contact us for more details.

With ZOHO you will get advanced features such as:

  • Multichannel support (phone, chat, email, and social media)
  • Trend Analysis
  • Sales Performance Metrics
  • Sales Gamification
  • Territory Management
  • Custom Sales Processes
  • Automated Workflow
  • Workflow Alerts
  • Third-party App Integration Support
  • Advanced Lead Filters
  • Quote Generation
  • Deal Timeline


BONUS: With ZOHO you also will have access to apps for drip campaigns, live chat, and surveys. This will allow you to manage and market your leads all in one place!

System Overview

Contacts & Forms

  • Leads can contact you through the CRM form link (can be found on the property details page) and from a general CRM form as well.
  • Agents can enter information manually on the CRM Contacts Page. Each form consists of 2 sections:
    • ‘Contact Details’
    • ‘Requirement Details’
  • The CRM forms are based on an advanced data structure manager, called Flex. The website admin can manage (add, edit, remove) all the fields of the Contact Details, Request Details and other areas as well.

Contact Management

  • The agents are able to update the contact details, add information to the contacts and divide them into different groups.
    • Round Robin: You can use the Round Robin algorithm to distribute leads
    • Lead Distribution Manager (manager can be selected by the Admin)
    • Assign to Property Owner (registered agent)
  • If the contact is entered directly by the agent, it will be assigned to that agent and the contact info may become private and accessible to that agent only.

Actions and Alerts

  • The agents are able to update the contact details, add information to the contacts and divide them into different groups.
  • If the contacts are registered users, each time they log into the website and visited properties or save a search (Advanced Portal Search required), these actions will be saved in the system and the owner of that contact will be able to view the actions. This information provides necessary insight about the interests of the clients and helps the agent close the deal with that specific client.
  • WPL CRM assists agents in managing professional events with their contacts and setting up email reminders for them.

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