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CRM Add-on – Changelog

CRM v2.3.1 changelog (4/15/2012)
– Fixed some missing translation keywords
– Made compatible with RPL 7.4+ (Just for installer)

CRM v2.3 changelog (2/5/2012)

– Added 14 mail notifications
– Made compatible with RPL 7.2.6+

CRM v2.1.3 changelog (1/18/2012)
– Several bugs fixed
– enhanced browser compatibility

CRM v2.1 changelog (12/20/2011)

– Improved matching process.

– Added the 5agent limit license capability for 5agent package.

– Requests forms location entry bug fixed.

CRM v2.0 changelog (10/28/2011)

– Made compatible with RPL7.

– Graphical improvements for pagination, search headers.

– Added several options in contacts search, suggestions, etc.

– Added the commenting capability for requests.

– Better events managements and editing.

– Detailed contacts access levels based on ownership.

– Enhanced the contact form GUI, multilevel requests form filling capability.

– Grouping contacts made possible.

– Contacts quick sort based on alphabets added.