Building RTL Website
With WPL

Starting from version 4.2.0, WPL is RTL compatible.

RTL stands for Right to Left and is typically used in regards to right to left languages. RTL languages often require special themes, plugins or customizations to ensure a website can support and display RTL languages correctly.

Now, WPL is RTL compatible, which means the plugin will work with RTL themes and languages such as Arabic, Hebrew or Persian.

If you want to use one of these languages for your website, navigate to the language settings by following this path: WP admin panel->Settings->General->Site Language. From this menu, you are able to choose the language of your choice. The WPL backend and frontend views will automatically be changed to the RTL version.

If you want to create a WordPress multilingual website, then check this article: How to create a multilingual WP website using WPML plugin