Brokerage Add-on

Brokerage Add-on

Manage and Oversee Your Brokerage

Why Do You Need Brokerage Add-on?

Managing a brokerage can sometimes come with unexpected clutter and lots of moving parts. With our Brokerage Add-on, you will be able to alleviate some of this clutter and get back on track by overseeing agents and ensuring that the office runs efficiently and remains profitable.


What Is Brokerage Add-on?

The Brokerage Add-on is a software extension for Realtyna’s IDX platform WPL that adds a new level of management controls for brokers. This allows them to add and edit listings like a normal user, but also edit the listings of their agents. Large real estate companies and portals can add multiple brokers each with their own set of agents. The add-on works by introducing a new member type to the WPL system (Membership Add-on required). Falling directly below admin, the broker level can add agents and listings to their account.


What Are the Features & Benefits of Brokerage Add-on?

  • New level of control
  • New membership type
  • Improved Listing Accuracy
  • Improved Agent Information Flow
  • Efficient Oversight

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