WordPress IDX Integration

Are you looking for more search engine visibility for your real estate website?

Are you looking to attract more visitors and generate more leads?

You really should be considering an Organic IDX integration.

With more and more of the home-buying process moving online, its not enough to have a simple framed IDX display on your site anymore if you want to separate yourself from the pack.

In 2016, 51 percent of buyers found the home they purchased on the Internet, according to data from the National Association of REALTORS.

Many of these purchases likely began with search engines queries like:

“Alabama Beach Real Estate”

“Georgia Mountain Properties”

“Luxury Condo Homes Kaanapali Beach”

“Land And Ranch Brown County Texas Real Estate”

“For Sale By Owner Central Pennsylvania”

“Los Cabos Real Estate”

“Virginia Real Estate”

Realtyna clients can be easily on the first results page of each of the above searches.

The reason is they have an Organic IDX integration.



Organic IDX website integration is an alternative technology for displaying property listings on your real estate website.

Under the most common IDX technology, an iframe is developed on your site to display property listings hosted by your IDX provider. This is known as IDX framing: https://realtyna.com/blog/what-is-idx-framing/

It’s a solution that often involves monthly fees paid to your IDX provider, and it’s not very good for SEO.

Because the listings are hosted on your servers, they aren’t visible to search engines.

An integrated IDX website on the other hand does not involve framing. Instead each of the properties listings in your MLS database will be hosted on your servers.

This allows them to be indexed or seen by search engines, and can help move your website up the results pages.



Realtyna sells an IDX Website Integration product for WordPress called Organic MLS Integration: https://realtyna.com/mls-idx-integration/

Organic MLS Integration is a full integration of your MLS property listings.

This means every property address, description; photo, feature, appliance, etc. will be hosted on your site and visible to search engines.

In addition, each property listing will have its own page with a unique url. It could be thousands of new pages of SEO juice.

This data makes the website more relevant to search queries and can help you attract more website visitors and generate more leads than your competitors using framing.

Organic MLS Integration is available for any MLS using the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS)—virtually all of them—and is used by hundreds of agents and brokers in the United State and Canada.

We have more information on the difference between Organic MLS Integration and IDX framing here: https://realtyna.com/blog/difference-between-idx-and-organic-mls/

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