Real Estate Theme for WordPress

There are hundreds of WordPress real estate themes available on the web. How do you know which one is right for you?

We’ve designed WPL Pro to be a complete solution for real estate agents and brokers. There are many themes compatible with WPL Pro. Get WPL Pro Functions on your desired theme.


With WPL Pro you are getting a real estate platform that can grow with you.

Out-of-the box, WPL Pro is:

Add and remove property listing fields, so your site matches your business model.

Multiple Designs
Choose from any of these designs for a sleek & stylish site:

Easy to Use
Easily customize your search bar to fit your business needs.

Multilingual Ready
Translate your site into your native language.

SEO friendly
Meta Tag options to increase SEO.

Unlimited Users
Add as many agents as you need. There is no limit.

Thousands to Millions of Listings
Under normal server settings, WPL Pro will support 100,000+ listings, and with a few configurations it can support millions.

Flag sold properties or featured properties to display a banner across the thumbnail view.

Mobile Responsive
Easy property browsing on web or mobile.

Every purchase of WPL Pro comes with one year of complimentary technical support.

Lifetime License
You own your software.

Here see a detailed description of all WPL Pro features:

We’ve also made WPL Pro modular. As your business evolves, so can your WordPress website.

There are different themes already compatible and integrated with WPL Pro. Here are demos:



Ready to feature MLS listings on your site?

Add Organic MLS Integration and you will have a powerful IDX display fed by a custom RETS feed.

Organic MLS Integration also provides the strongest SEO capabilities for IDX.

All of your MLS property listing pages will be indexable by search engines, which with some other configurations, can move your site up in search engine results.

In addition, Organic MLS Integration can co-mingle your properties with those imported from the MLS for a single searchable database.

Organic MLS Integration is available for any MLS in the United State and Canada using RETS or DDF. We have more information on this product here:




WPL Pro supports a number add-ons that can be added at any point.

If you decide you want to keep users on your site longer by allowing them to save searches, you can add Advanced Portal Search Add-on:

If you need to capture more leads, you can force your users to register after a number of property views with Membership Add-on:

For more lead management tools you could add CRM:

Like all of our products these add-ons are a one-time payment for a lifetime license.

With WPL Pro you can start small and add tools as you close sales. Or you can build a powerful real estate portal all at once.

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