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RPL Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar is useful for showing the availability of vacation or short-term rentals.

  • Back-end Features:
    • Ability to define different seasons (for example high season, low season etc).
    • Ability to define a color for each season.
    • Ability to configure extended calendar and enable/disable half-day booking.
  • Front-end Features:
    • Ability to mark days, weekdays and whole months as booked or available.
    • Ability to assign days, weekdays and whole months to seasons.
    • Ability to define price per night, per week, per month and minimum stay for each season.
    • Ability to enable/disable different specific seasons for a property.
    • Ability to search for properties available in a period of time.
    • Ability to show the calendar in a small module or in extended mode (using fancybox).