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    How to get a Real Estate License in Ohio

    Candidates for a real estate license in Ohio must be 18 years old, be a high school graduate, and have no felonies on their criminal record.In addition they must 120 hours of pre-licensing courses in real estate principles, law, appraisal and finance.


    The Ohio real estate exam consists of 120 questions that must be completed within 180 minutes.The first exam section tests candidates’ knowledge on the following national real estate subjects:
    • Property ownership
    • Land use controls
    • Valuation
    • Financing
    • Principles of agency
    • Property condition
    • Contracts
    • Transfer of title
    • Practice of real estate
    • Real estate calculations
    • Specialty areas
    The second exam section tests candidates’ knowledge on the following state real estate subjects:
    • Governance of the real estate profession
    • Licensing requirements
    • License law
    • Brokerage relationships
    FeesExam application fee: $61


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