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Hawaii Information systems HiCentral MLS Maui MLS (RAMAUI)

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    How to get a Real Estate License in Hawaii

    In Hawaii, you must be at least 18 years old and authorized to work in the United States.  You also must complete a 60-hour pre-license course or have a degree from an accredited university in Law, real estate, or business.


    The exam consists of 130 questions to be completed in 240 minutes. The first 80 questions of the exam cover general topics, such as:
    • Property ownership
    • Land use controls
    • Valuation
    • Financing
    • General principles of agency
    • Property condition
    • Contracts
    • Transfers
    • Practice of real estate
    • Calculations and specialty areas
    The remaining 50 questions concern state issues such as:
    • Ascertaining material facts
    • Types of ownership
    • Property management
    • Land utilization
    • Title and conveyances
    • Contracts and financing
    • Escrow
    • Professional conduct
    FeesExam fee: $68 License fee: $282-$382


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