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Alaska MLS (AKMLS) Greater Fairbanks MLS (GFMLS) Southeast Alaska MLS (SEAKMLS)

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    How to get a Real Estate License in Alaska

    In Alaska, you must be at least 19 years old, have no felonies, complete 40 hours of pre-licensing coursework and pass the licensing exam with 6 months.


    The exam consists of 120 questions to be completed within 240 minutes. The first section consists of 80 questions and covers:
    • Real property characteristics
    • Forms of ownership
    • Property value
    • Contracts
    • Real estate practice
    • Property disclosure
    • Financing
    • Calculations
    The second section consists of 40 questions and covers:
    • Powers of the Alaska Real Estate Commission
    • Licensing
    • Licensee requirements
    • Additional topics
    FeesExam fee: $100 Application fee: $200 License: fee: $200 Recovery fund fee: $30


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