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RPL Automatic Update

Realtyna® releases new versions of RPL on a regular basis. New versions inlcude new features, enhancements to the existing features and bug resolution. However, repeated manual update processes are not convenient for most people. Hence, to be able to use the benefits of regular updates and, at the same time keeping it convenient, we have developed an Automatic Update system for RPL.

This system sends an informative message to the admin panel in RPL, stating that a new version of RPL is available. By pressing on the update button, RPL will be updated automatically to the latest version.

Some important points:

  • Automatic Updates require some advanced server settings. In order to use this feature, your server should follow the full specification mentioned here.
  • In order to update RPL, the core codes of RPL needs to remain unchanged.
  • Since the Developer Package of RPL is open sourced, assuming that the developers change the codes, Automatic Updates will not be available in the Developer Package of RPL.
  • It is the responsibility of the website’s admin to create a full backup of the website before any updates.