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At first, our team had real concerns about Realtyna because of some initial miscommunications regarding the implementation of Divi and WPL Pro. Further complicating things was the process by which Organic MLS was being integrated into our website project. Furthermore, we were not impressed with all of Realtyna’s sales staff either, since it APPEARED at every turn, there were an additional customization quote and payment necessary to complete a task. However, then entered Ray (Support Specialist) into the picture. Ray took it upon himself to speak via phone to sort out any further miscommunications and possible project delays. He went over, in details, specific steps necessary to complete our project. Ray also suggested possible alternatives that could possibly avoid WPL Pro and MLS integration customizations, all based on the goals we were attempting to achieve on the final project. We are thankful for Ray’s commitment to the leadership of our project and making sure that our experience with Realtyna was worthwhile. Without Ray’s intervention, this review would have had a different outcome. Even though I gave the overall review 4 stars, Ray deserves 10! We have one last implementation to finalize this project and looking forward to working with Ray further. Our team will definitely be working with Realtyna again for future real estate websites all because of Ray’s willingness to lend a helping hand. Thank you Ray!!

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