I have purchased the realtyna organic package back in December 2015. Today, my second deal which is solely generated via my website organic result has been closed (without spending even $1 on the paid marketing) and I am going to write my review about the experience with realtyna team and their product. I am going to starts with Pros and then I’ll write about the Cons.
Realtyna team developed a featured rich package. they have created almost any feature that you can imagine in their add-ons. This is part of the cons too. These features are hard to learn for a realtor without IT back-ground and sometimes I felt lost in their sophisticated control panel and manuals. They provided the installation service and they went beyond what they promised to me to solve a server issue. I knew it wasn’t part of their job to deal with my server configuration. But I dared to ask and they did it free of charge. The software itself, is robust and when you learn to deal with it (which took me couple of months to be honest!) you will enjoy every bit of it.
I wish I could give a 5 star review to Realtyna. If they solve the following cons, I will gladly change my review. Their technical team are not accessible by phone. I can’t understand why I should wait for a day to receive my answer by email. Anyway, I received answer to all of my requests in a day or two without exception. Couple of times I called their number and the operator added a note to my ticket and changed the priority. I believe their support team are located in Germany or Poland. It doesn’t really matter for me as long as they can be faster than this.
Another cons is their sophisticated feature. I have IT background. If I hadn’t I couldn’t work with this software easily. They should have a training sessions for realtors who don’t have enough information about the WordPress and web based software. It’s not very fair to leave them with a cockpit full of controls and features and ask them to fly without any prior training. I should suggest to stay away from their sophisticated product if you don’t know how to deal with dozens of features and settings in a single software or you need something simple or basic or you like to just have a simple website.
Overall, I am satisfied with Realtyna product and team and after this long journey, I am getting more deals closed

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