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I have been working with Realtyna for a couple of months. At this point, I am very happy with their product and their professionalism. I am writing this review as a web designer who has helped a real estate agency revamp their website and am pushing forward with them in improving their online presence. I have been the sole person in contact with Realtyna during this process. I LOVE the foundation of their platform and the direction they have taken with it. It became a little bit challenging to communicate via email about our specific needs, but it was in the end handled professionally and the mission was accomplished! Their knowledgebase is a little less informative than I prefer, making it so I have to reach out to them more often than I have had to with other program companies (typically I can troubleshoot very well by doing online research), but their professionalism & willingness to promptly assist made it all work out just fine. All in all, I highly recommend Realtyna if you have technical skills yourself or have someone for hire to assist you. Great product, great customer service, great tech support!

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