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As the website builder, I have been very satisfied with the support team. Learning the features of the Theme28 has been challenging. When I can’t figure something out, they answer my questions, direct me to the knowledge base or do it for me if it’s something simple.
The MLS Addon integration process is complex. I didn’t realize my client had to choose which areas (counties) to integrate so the mls team was going to integrate ALL counties in Indiana. Of course that created an issue in regards to GB hosting capacity. Needed 60GB which would have cost a lot more money [$50-$60/mo] than was expected . My client narrowed it down to 8 counties & that reduced the usage to less than 15GB which got it down to the budgeted amount. I also didn’t realize my client needed to choose which fields to integrate (basics, features & mls addon fields). She is going thru the fields right now to choose which ones she wants to show on her.
It’s been a long process but it is going well & I have learned a lot about building a real estate website with organic RETS MLS integration. I belong to a community of digital marketers. Last night we had an in-house webinar & I shared with them this “”newer”” SEO friendly MLS integration. That brings me to the SEO portion. After the integration takes place, I need to find out how to use the theme & plugin to optimize the website for SEO. I hope this survey helps.

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