Heartland (Kansas-Missouri) MLS (HMLS)


Heartland (Kansas-Missouri) Multiple Listing Service, also known as HMLS, was established in 1993. It provides accurate real estate information to individuals involved in real estate in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area.

Primarily, Heartland MLS covers Cass, Clay, Douglas, Jackson, etc. counties.

This MLS provider supplies all the necessary technology and solutions to real estate professionals and currently it has over 7000 active members.

Its main objective ever since its establishment has been to provide real estate professionals with exceptional services and to give them all the right tools to run a successful real estate business. They manage to do that by not only managing, but educating the users about their database features, providing needed marketing services to them and evaluating the future of real estate technology.

Heartland MLS (HMLS) is held by the Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® and today it is available to agents and brokers as well.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE : www.heartlandmls.com


  • Cass
  • Clay
  • Douglas
  • Jackson
  • Johnson
  • Ks
  • Johnson
  • Mo
  • Leavenworth
  • Miami
  • Platte
  • Wyandotte


Heartland MLS (HMLS) is available to both, brokers and agents alike.


  • Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors

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How do I get started?

In order for you to get started, you will need to install MLS Add-on on your WPL plugin. This add-on will connect your own real estate website to the databases of your MLS Providers so that all the properties will end up on your website. You can request a free Demo before purchase.