Market Report

Market Reports Add-on

Identify Market & User Trends with
Analytics and Reporting

Why Do You Need Market Reports Add-on?

We all know there is a lot of thought that goes into creating a marketing or website strategy. You should learn about the trends and preferences from your users to maximize the lead conversion opportunities on your website. Market Reports Add-on, generates internal usage analytics for your IDX website to help you identify general trends.

Why Market Report

What Is Market Reports Add-on?

Market Reports integrates into your WPL Pro back-end and provides information on how your website is being used. With the Market Reports Add-on, you can choose a date range and view how certain listings, searches, or neighborhoods/complexes* performed. It works by tracking usage across your site, then the add-on will produce the relevant data in a table and bar chart.

What Are the Features & Benefits of Market Reports Add-on?



  • Show top 10 listings, searches, neighborhoods and complexes*
  • Search by custom date range
  • List and graph view
  • Integrated with Neighborhood and Complex Add-ons



  • Use data to make informed Marketing decisions
  • View important analytics to maximize returns
  • Improve web and Facebook ads
  • Understand the “average user”

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