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Spatial.ai – Human-driven social layer powered by artificial intelligence

Surrounding around us every day is a layer of information spread throughout the earth. Cities teem with rich emotive data.
In 2015, when we looked at the available technology, we found that no one was making sense of this rich layer of social data. Brilliance was all around us, the answer to so many questions hidden in plain sight.
Neighborhood Personality Discover Tool – by Spatial.ai
Keep your leads engaged with your brand by adding Spatial’s Discover Tool. Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, we can visualize the personality of neighborhoods right inside your map search. In cities, personalities in neighborhoods can change block by block. When web visitors are looking at a map of homes, they are asking themselves location-related questions. Spatial’s Discover tool elegantly answers these questions by providing a layer of intelligence on any map of homes.
WPL Pro platform is now integrated with Spatial.ai API.