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Using RPL For Listing Commercial Properties

The market for commercial properties have increased a lot in the past years and some companies have made it their number one listing market. In order to support this growing need, Realtyna® Property Listing (RPL) has some tools made especially for this purpose:

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1- It is possible to define different types of commercial properties in RPL and add listings for sale or for rent.

2- Through the Flex system, RPL is capable of making fields specific to property types as office, store, etc.
3- Also, through the Flex system you can have rooms for offices and bedrooms for residential buildings. Or you can define different types of amenities or features for a commercial property.

4- Through the Building Complex Add-on, you can easily list and categorize commercial/residential properties within
a building complex.

5- Integrating your website with your MLS Provider, pulls out the list of Commercial Properties and show it your way on your own website.

6- It is possible to see important places near commercial building using the google map or walk score services.

7- It is also possible to show agent information for each commercial property and the ability to contact them through a form.

All the features above, in addition to a variety of other features and add-ons, such as flexible design, agent info, etc., would make a perfect Commercial Real Estate Website with no extra effort.

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