Real Estate Professionals Boost Sales with CRM

Real estate professionals are known for working long hours, having tons of paperwork, and driving all around the country. The real estate way of doing business has been changed with the increased availability of technology. Gone are the days of faxing, mailing postcards, and cold calling. Real estate offices have moved to using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to complete part of their workload, reduce costs, and make more connections between people and properties.

CRM software impacts several aspects of the real estate business, such as customer service, marketing, and sales. It organizes and manages current and future customer interactions and requests in one location instead of using multiple software programs for different features. Customers can relay their needs quickly without face to face meetings or phone calls but still receive personal customer service. Technology devices give real estate professionals instant access to new information wherever they are and whatever time it may be because the system operates 24 hours day. As noted by Eilene Zimmerman in The New York Times, “CRM software enables businesses to communicate quickly and frequently.”

Real estate offices have reduced marketing costs and have turned to CRM software to automatically notify customers of new properties. When the information reaches the customer before the general public finds the information, it increases the possibility of making appointments to view the property and making the sale easier than ever.  The Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute (CCIM), a recognized expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry, states that “A CRM system can improve a company’s efficiency.” By simplifying and streamlining the workflow, real estate offices reduce operation costs and the need for additional staff.

In a recent Active Rain study, real estate agents earning over $100,000 a year were compared to agents earning less than $35,000 a year. The study revealed that the more successful agents “invested 6 times as much in technology, twice as many used a CRM, and they were aggressive in using social media.” The results suggest that using CRM technology is connecting people with properties more quickly than the historical manual business process, thus improving sales. According to Gary Hall, founder of Real Estate Automation, Consultation, and Training (RE-ACT LLC) and RealEstate-AgentTools, “When asked what the reasons for my success were, I always cited CRM as the biggest part of it.”

Realtyna recognizes the need for real estate professionals to reduce operational costs, quickly connect people with properties and increase sales. As a result, Realtyna has created a feature-rich CRM add-on that has been created from the ground up for the real estate industry. When combined with the Realtyna Property Listing (RPL) platform, it creates a cutting edge website where real estate professionals can keep properties and customers in one location using a unified platform program. The National Associate of Realtors Magazine suggests that real estate professionals “find a solution that allows you to easily customize records, reports, and scheduling.” The Realtyna CRM does just that. To understand the complex strength of the Realtyna CRM, please explore and test the features. Get a feel of how the system works and what it can do for your real estate business. The Realtyna CRM features include:

Advanced Form Creator: Collect the right information the first time by managing form fields and customer requirements. And, the Ability to define different tags and criteria that will be used in forms and other CRM sections.

Advanced Email Notification System: Send automatic alerts and notifications to customers, real estate professionals, and website administrators.

Automatic Deal Maker™: Automatically send notices to clients when a property matches their search requirements thus increasing the conversion ratio of leads to customers.

Event Management and Reminders: Access the CRM calendar to schedule daily events and receive email and/or text message reminders.

Customer Conversations: Track customer interactions with the conversations section, including the ability to send messages and attachments to contacts. Also, track any customer suggestions.

Contact Management Control Panel: The collection of customer contact information and any types of events or suggestions related to that customer. Adjust privacy levels and ownership over contact details. Monitor user activity through the login history, list of bookmarks, and saved searches. Support an unlimited amount of agents/contacts.

Reports: Default reports track the amount of customer suggestions and rental history. Customized reports can be built through our technical team.

Realtyna has created a CRM that is for top producing real estate professionals. Overall, the CRM will impact the way real estate business is handled, it will increase the conversion of leads to customers thus increasing sales. Realtyna is backed by a superior technical development team that consistently upgrades CRM technology based on real estate trends.

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