There are lots of benefits of MLS Integration, but I will list – in my opinion – the top 10!

1- When you download properties (from MLS to your website), they become like the living organs of your own website. As a result, the search engines will consider your website as an informative website with hundreds of URLs to index.

2- Home buyers want to be able to search for all properties in one place. If the search functions are easy to use, and an online buyer lands on your website, you can keep them there for a much longer period of time if you have all of the listings that are on MLS on your website. If they can find this information on your website, with your branding, and your contact information – it is like gold. Your lead capturing opportunities explode!

3- When you have organic MLS integration, you can “feature” your own listings automatically on your own website so they get more visibility than the other listings.

4- No listings? Small Brokerage? It won’t matter. Because with MLS Integration, all those listings will make you look like a rock star even if you don’t have any listings and even if you are a small boutique Brokerage.

5- With MLS Integration and our RPL CRM system, you can monitor your clients search activity. An advanced tracking system can inform you of all activity, down to the time-of-day your clients open emails. Any action your clients take on your website can be stored in your website. This information will always be available for you.

6- Client Searches on your site – You can have canned searches for clients to search for property or you can enable them to create their own customized search.

7- Client Email Alert Setup – With MLS Integration and our RPL CRM system, when a property matches your clients criteria, they can automatically receive the listing.

8- Once you have integrated the listings, all the new and updated listings will be added to your website automatically

9- You can customize the url for the property so it can include the physical address

10- If the pages are cloud-hosted, they will load super-fast – and this is a feature that Google LOVES

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